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Upgrade your belief systems and inner programming. Retune your mindset. Harness your mind to transform your reality.

31 Videos with Dr. Gopika Kumar
Communication and Public Speaking are perhaps the most important personal skills for success in life. Gain mastery on speaking with a step-by-step blueprint to be an Ace-speaker. Overcome your fears of public speaking and learn pathbreaking techniques in the art of speaking. Light up any space with your talk. Engage the audience to make an impact. Improvise your body language and voice modulation to connect.Transition from shyness to awesomeness. Expand your leadership abilities to communicate powerfully. Rediscover your unique voice and purpose.
44 Videos with Nithya Shanti
This is a course in living consciously and a must to enhance social and emotional wellbeing. Each lesson illuminates an important aspect of our life with awareness, intention and skilful means. There are examples and exercises to support and deepen our learnings, to grow a rich inner garden of insight and wisdom. These teachings reflect timeless and universal wisdom in a way that people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs systems can benefit. The aim is to sow incorruptible seeds of joy, peace, awakening in the rich soil of our being. Join us on this amazing inner adventure that is likely to enrich and nourish your whole life.
Life is not meant to be lived in a monotonous average way. It is for following your dreams, achieving your goals, living magnanimously. This course is a step by step guide on how to approach and reach your goals. Learn secrets to overcoming limitations and barriers. Increase your efficiency, achieve extraordinary results. Program your mind and beliefs to excel in areas of education, profession, relationships, health and wealth. This course generates a powerful eye-opening experience with knowledge, insights, mind programming tools & techniques. Gear up for a deep transformation and a confident empowered version of self.
33 Videos with Amrut Jadhav
Brain 2.0 is the User Manual for your Brain you have been looking for. Improve your Brain Power and Memory by many times in just 30 days. This program will give you proven strategies and techniques to improve your ability to remember and recall. Equip yourself with methods to learn anything 3 times faster. Optimise your functioning by achieving peak brain performance. Perform and deliver as you learn. Start getting unbelievable results on Day-1 itself. Attract success in different areas of your life and skyrocket your confidence with an improved memory.