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This is a course in living consciously to lighten and brighten our lives. Each lesson illuminates an important aspect of our life, reflecting timeless and universal wisdom.

  • 5:47 Hours of Training
  • ₹8,999

What's Included

  • 44 Videos
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone

Meet Your Trainer

Nithya Shanti is an internationally acclaimed teacher of joyful and conscious living. He completed an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and worked in the corporate world. He then went on to live as a forest meditation monk for six years. With the blessings of his teachers he stepped out of the robes in 2008 with a mission to live, learn and serve humanity in many more ways. He now shares his learnings through retreats and talks with organisations and audiences worldwide.

Nithya’s approach is integrative as he synthesises learnings from many sources – ancient, contemporary as well as from his own inner guidance. The aim of these teachings and offerings is self realisation and self actualisation. Nithya’s teachings are not just inspirational but also transformational. They lead to significant shifts in perception and quality of life.

As an educator, coach, mentor and seminar leader he is committed to sharing  principles and practices for true happiness and wellbeing of all.

Nithya Shanti
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Reignite and Reconnect with your inner guidance to experience a shift in all areas of your life.

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This is a course in living consciously. You could also describe it as lessons in applied spirituality. Each lesson illuminates an important aspect of our life with awareness, intention and skillful means. There are examples and exercises to support and deepen our learnings. These teachings reflect timeless and universal wisdom in a way that people from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems can benefit. The aim is to sow incorruptible seeds of joy, peace and awakening in the rich soil of our being. Join us on this amazing inner adventure that is likely to enrich and nourish your whole life.


By the end of this course you will have:

  • A set of daily practices for living with more gratitude, mindfulness and intention. Tools for reflection and contemplation so that life itself becomes your teacher. Gain from simple, powerful meditations that will energize and empower your life.
  • A framework to understand emotions and how to release stress.
  • A deeper understanding of your inner world and clarity about what is most important in your life.


This best spiritual course is for anyone who has an abiding curiosity about life and is keen to learn principles and practices that are echoed in all the world’s great wisdom traditions as well as validated by contemporary scientific discoveries. It relevant for all age-groups.


The 6 weeks course is divided into seven chapters (36 lessons) with a purpose to apply the learnings and transform.

Chapter 1 - Includes introductory learnings towards growing a rich inner garden of insight and wisdom. Learn how to access the gap between stimulus and response, mantras for conscious living, awareness of self and the possibilities that exist within. Experience a more calm and balanced state of mind.

Chapter 2 - Learn to access the happiness of being through meditation, mindfulness, self enquiry. Experience deep fulfilment and oneness with life by understanding the various levels of maturity and aspects of a healthy mind.

Chapter 3 - Gain an insight into the boundless states of emotional wellbeing – The four Brahma Viharas. As you invoke and align with these Brahma Viharas, your life gets imbued with sublime feelings of peace, compassion and happiness.

Chapter 4 - Undertake the journey from being a victim to becoming empowered. Move on to be a channel of blessing in your and others life by activating the power of gratitude and intentions. But are you moving in the right direction? Nithya shares some insightful ways to understand our alignment with our dreams, desires and vision.

Chapter 5 - Much of unhappiness and strife comes from the domain of our relationships. How can we get along better with each other? Benefit from simple practical tools to enhance interpersonal synergy (i.e. your way of getting along with others, like your family, friends, co-workers etc). Learn how to connect with others and bring out the best in each other.

Chapter 6 - Peace and harmony within reflects in your outer life as well. This chapter includes tools to release all the unconscious baggage that we carry. Explore techniques to release stress & tension and build resilience & clarity.

Chapter 7 - Learn how to deal with distractions and not steer off-track. Craft a powerful morning and evening routine. Finally figure out the new measure of progress for self by integrating powerful learnings from the lessons that work best for you.

What People Say

Illuminate has been an eye-opener for me. The content is well structured and very interesting. I feel more spirited and alive with a new zest for life.

Neel Madhav


With illuminate I experienced a major shift in my perception about various aspects of my life. My relationship equation with my friends and family has improved tremendously. It has been a very relaxing and enriching experience.

Camilla Lombardi