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Optimise your brain functioning with simple yet effective techniques to improve your ability to remember and recall. Learn secrets to a Super Memory.

  • 7:32 Hours of Training
  • ₹8,999

What's Included

  • 33 Videos
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone

Meet Your Trainer

Amrut Jadhav, founder of Brain Infinite, is a world's leading Learning & Memory Expert who has trained more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, students and teachers worldwide. He has been in this field for last 11 years and has taught students across the globe on 'How to Learn?' His flagship program Brain 2.0 is immensely popular and his techniques have helped his students learn any subject 2- 3 times faster. He has authored a book "You Can Have A Jumbo Memory".

As a child, Amrut had very humble beginnings. Staying in areas with no light, fan or TV, studying under streetlights, he developed a strong conviction towards learning and believes that ‘Learning is a Lamp that can enlighten the world.’

At present Amrut is creating awareness about and shaping Memory Sports in India. He organised the Indian Memory Championship in 2019. He has represented India at the World Memory Championships in Singapore and China and has been an inspiration to lakhs of students. He led the Indian Team as a Coach and was also the official Referee at 'I AM World Memory Championship' in China, 2016. Won a Silver Medal in the Names and Faces discipline and a Bronze Medal in Random Words discipline at the Indian Memory Championship, 2018. Amrut is a Master Trainer and Gold Medalist of Musical Windows©, one of the most powerful memorisation systems in the world.

Amrut believes that learning and studies should be fun and stress-free, and schools should have a compulsory subject wherein students along with "WHAT TO STUDY?" get to learn "HOW TO STUDY?" Amrut is on a mission to inspire and make people realise their true self-worth by helping them tap their ultimate Brain Power.


Amrut Jadhav
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Learn The Secrets To Improving Brain Performance.

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Brain 2.0, will show you exactly how you can improve your Brain Power and Memory many times in just 30 days. Your brain does astounding things for you every single day but unfortunately nobody taught you “HOW?" Brain 2.0 is the User Manual for your Brain you have been looking for.

This program will give you proven strategies and techniques that will help you skyrocket your confidence and attract success in different areas of life. The craziest thing about Brain 2.0 is that you start getting some unbelievable results on Day1 itself, as throughout the program, Amrut not only demonstrates how to improve your Brain Performance but you also perform and deliver as you learn.

 The best memory training course, Brain 2.0 will equip you with methods that will enable you to learn anything 3 times faster. It will help you optimise your brain functioning with simple yet effective techniques that will vividly improve your ability to remember and recall.

By the end of this course you will be able to :

  • Learn anything 3 times faster. 
  • Learn techniques and secrets to a Super Memory.
  • Deliver your speech without referring to any notes. 
  • Improve Relationships and Business Productivity by remembering Names and Faces.
  • Learn techniques to increase your vocabulary.
  • Learn any foreign language easily.
  • Build good habits that last. 
  • Never forget appointments. 
  • Take notes effectively. 
  • Remember important dates and events.
  • Avoid distractions and improve focus.
  • Improve your reading speed
  • Remember a deck of shuffled cards.


Entrepreneurs, executives, teachers, students, professionals, coaches and anyone desirous of boosting their memory and brain power.

What People Say

Each technique in BRAIN 2.0 is a life hack for daily situations. Amazingly insightful sessions for boosting brain performance. I benefited immensely.

Manav Virmani


Amrut radiates positivity and explains with so much clarity. I have utilised memorisation and focus techniques for my office work as well as studies.

Kasturi Gogoi